Massage Therapy Courses

Assess and Treat Trapped Nerves:

No Spots Available

August 25th 2019 (Sunday) 

1-5 PM $99

Hampton Inn Of Kerrville

2038 Sidney Baker Street

Kerrville, TX 78028

This course focuses on taking the techniques learned from pain assessments, nerve flossing and soft tissue work for the upper body to create a routine for everyday use. Therapists will work with real life situations from participating clients and use proper protocols to treat those clients suffering with discomfort or pain in the neck, upper back and shoulders.

“We’ve got Virtual Reality!”

Following the CE presentation, the Better Body Dynamics team will have a “show and tell” on anatomy in Virtual Reality.

This will introduce the ground-breaking use of VIRTURAL REALITY for manual therapy training! VR provides LMTs learning experiences that no other technology can match!

Attending LMT’s will be invited to participate in the VR experience!

Be sure to join us for this new multi-sensory event as we stay ahead of the curve with . . . . VIRTUAL REALITY!    DO NOT MISS!

Body Mechanics and Personal Care For Therapists

September 9th 2019 1-5 PM $79

12915 Jones Maltsberger #600, San Antonio, TX 78247

This course focuses of using efficient body mechanics that are essential for the quality of the therapeutic care and the longevity of our massage therapy careers. Unfortunately, some therapists work harder and not smarter, which can result in career-ending injuries. This course is designed to create healthy body mechanics when giving massages. Therapists will learn how to maximize their efficiency by working with the law of physics. Therapists will learn proper positioning the body and how to perform massage therapy in a manner that minimizes stress.

Topics Covered:

  • Squat Stance
  • Using Hips and Legs
  • Horse Stance (Lunge Position)
  • Home stretches for the therapist
  • Foot positioning
  • Home exercises to help with better posture
  • Trunk orientation
  • Using fingers instead of thumbs
  • Mechanics when performing stretches

Business and Marketing

8 Hour CE

October 14th 2019 8-5 PM $200

12915 Jones Maltsberger #600, San Antonio, TX 78247

This course focuses on developing goals, strategies, objectives, and tactics for attracting clients. This is ideal for therapists who are just starting up or are trying to retain clients.

Therapists will learn how to assess their business and then formulate a plan, which can be used to address business building needs and understanding the role of customer service in daily business.

Therapists will identify the differences between personal selling, advertising as marketing strategies, effective startup strategies, and budget cost of businesses.

Therapists will learn to expand and diversify their massage therapy business and the value of keeping contacts.

Topics Covered:

  • Time Management
  • Scheduling Software
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Calendar management Documentation (SOAP, Intake, Informed Consent)
  • Branding Tips
  • Budget Sheet
  • Business Plan
  • Social Media
  • Balance Sheet
  • Bio Prep
  • Website (Creation and maintenance)