Career Advancement — Peer Mentorship

(For Licensed Massage Therapists)


Our massage therapy career field is evolving and clients now want personalized massage therapy services. The massage therapy industry is striving to satisfy those changes with new modalities, new specialties, and new techniques. Today, we need to be a part of those positive solutions and provide enhanced quality and results-oriented services to our clients.

One-on-one peer mentoring is a way forward to meet the challenges.


About the One-on-One Peer Mentorship

The BETTER BODY DYNAMICS peer mentorship program is a series of 10 courses; 9 pre-requisite CE courses and the peer mentorship. LMTs wanting to participate in the BETTER BODY DYNAMICS peer mentorship will complete the required 9 CE courses, get certified by Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) as a massage therapy instructor, and then apply for the one-on-one peer mentorship.


+  Help LMTs become massage therapy instructors and certified CE providers.

+  Train LMTs in the latest massage therapy modalities and application skills.

+  Qualify LMTs in applying PACM techniques.

+  Qualified Massage Therapy Instructors and CE Providers will have selected opportunities to teach

Better Body Dynamics CE classes.

+  Better Body Dynamics will sponsor a client referral program (fee-sharing) with eligible therapists who have

completed the mentorship.


CE Courses Overview

Massage Therapy Techniques and Applications

The central focus of the massage therapy techniques and applications is a systematic approach to pain management, identified as – Pain Assessment, Correction, and Movement (PACM).


Full Body Assessments (8-Hrs)

Pain Assessment and Correction for Upper Body (8-Hrs)

Pain Assessment and Correction for Lower Body (8-Hrs)

Pain Assessment and Treatment for Nerve Pain (8-Hrs)

Putting It All Together – Upper Body (6-Hrs)

Putting It All Together – Lower Body (6-Hrs)

Body Mechanics & Personal Care for the Therapist (4-Hrs)

Business and Marketing (8-Hrs)                               (* Pending NCBTMB certification)

Business and Marketing addresses sound business practices including branding and advertising.

Teaching Adult Learners (30-Hrs)

The TEACHING ADULT LEARNERS course satisfies the 30-hours of continuing education TDLR application requirement for becoming a Massage Therapy Instructor (MTI).


It all comes together with the One-on-One Peer Mentorship, a 30-hour academic and practicum curriculum presented by Clinton Merrifield, BETTER BODY DYNAMICS LLC (DBA Better Body Dynamics, Massage Dynamics, Massage Dynamics LLC).


+18-hours will focus on training and coaching that will help each LMT participant learn how to properly use the PACM techniques and how to teach those and other massage bodywork techniques effectively and with confidence.


+12-hours will be a practicum for the LMT mentee assisting in an instructor role presenting a BETTER BODY DYNAMICS CE course under Clinton’s supervision and guidance.



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