“Better health, well-being and knowledge through bodywork pain-relief therapies, movement training programs, and continuing education courses.”

“We are delighted to announce our new company name: Better Body Dynamics. This name change allows us to present ourselves as a truly innovative and trusted complete body care solutions and continuing education provider for all massage/bodywork therapists and personal trainers. A positive and professional commitment to all customers and clients remains our highest priority.”

Better Body Dynamics

A high energy specialist with knowledge in pain assessments, corrective exercises to restore mobility and motor control learning to reinstate stability. Clinton Merrifield selects training techniques tailored to the client’s need and develops treatment tactics and coaches the client for relief from discomfort and movement dysfunctions. Proper movement and reduction of chronic pain is a primary focus of Better Body Dynamics

Myoskeletal Alignment

The Myoskeletal Alignment Technique (MAT) brings together advanced therapeutic strategies to relieve and ultimately correct body patterns that lead to pain and discomfort. By way of MAT therapy, clients can become free from pain and ideally avoid invasive surgery or toxic pain medications.

Functional Movement Training

By creating proper and functional body biomechanics for easier movement, MASSAGE DYNAMICS personal fitness training adapts and develops exercises that enhance a client’s ability to better perform daily activities.

“Achieve A Greater Quality Of Life Through Advanced Methods Of Relief!”

Our Mission

 Pain Relief!

Continuing Education

Our Vision

It’s all about pain management and continuing education.

 We strive to make Better Body Dynamics the ‘go-to’ company for quality massage and bodywork along with professional continuing education focused on enhancing and training towards pain-free movement.

Our Goal

  • To work one-on-one with our clientele and help them become more efficient and pain-free in their daily activities.

  • To provide quality continuing education to all massage and bodywork therapists through live workshop courses.


Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M-5:00 P.M

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Each session is tailored to your needs based on our assessments and movement restrictions. Every client will have an assessment, bodywork treatment, and functional training exercises to help restore mobility and stability.

Gift Certificates Available

Have a friend or family member that would benifit from a bodywork or functional movement training session? We also have gift certificates!

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